An Update From Harry

It's been a funny old year. I've had no new books published in 2019, which was definitely not expected. Sometimes life gets in the way of plans, and there's no point fighting it. Roll with the punches, as they say.

No new publications does not mean no new writing though. There is are books in the works, in various stages of completion.

The second book in the AI: Augmented Intelligence series is written and going through the laborious editing stage. Xavier is finding his feet in the Attic, and more to the point is finding out what he can do with his unusual abilities.

I'm also working on the fourth Dark Webb novel. It will be the last in that series, which was always planned as a tetralogy (I prefer quadrilogy, or even quartet, but tetralogy is I think more correct, and quartet makes me think of musicians — something I most certainly am not). I won't reveal the title of that final chapter just yet, but given what's gone before, it's probably an easy guess!

Finally, and I hesitate to say this because realistically it's a long way out, I'm not entirely done with the world of Noah's Ark. There are plans, and it has gone no further than that, which is why I probably shouldn't mention it. It's something I get asked about a lot though.

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